Auditing FAQs

What is the difference between the standardized audit and individual sessions?

Our standardized audit covers the entire production process to increase the overall efficiency. Individual sessions on the other hand improve only individual areas.

Why video auditing?

Video productions are the single most expensive service in creation. They are in advertising the #1 cost driver after media spendings. Our standardized audit may therefore approx. reduce the client spendings by 30-40% while maintaining the quality.

Why a certified auditor?

Our certified auditor enables us to review confidential information. As a licensed auditor he fulfills all legal requirements to provide us with only audit relevant informations while obliging confidential clauses.

What outcome can the client expect?

We communicate our findings to both parties involved after the first half of the standardized audit. At the end of the audit we also present recommended actions that reduce production costs by approx. 30-40%.

Is a media audit the same?

While media audits aim at the media spendings, our video audit is focused entirely on video productions, the cost driver #1 of the creation department. This is an unique service in Germany and Europe as of 2023.

How long does the standardized audit take?

According to our approach, we audit the entire annual video production. As an ex-post analysis this takes three months. However, other time frames and individual consulting sessions are available on request.

Can you estimate the costs?

Our costs for the standardized audit depend upon the volume of the annual video productions. By relying on a fixed volume based percentage, we guarantee predictable costs. Individual consulting sessions are based on a day fee.

Does the client need to change the agency?

It is our approach to improve the relation between leading agency and client. Therefore we don’t recommend a change.

How do you guarantee the quality remains the same?

Our KPI driven audit is mainly focused to improve the communication between the partners and improve workflows. We value the artistic component of the productions and don’t recommend any changes that touches the artistic approach.

Which categories and KPIs is the standardized audit based upon?

We analyze eight categories, including e.g. communication, integration, digitalization, technology and utilization. Several KPIs are aligned to each category in order to evaluate the video production’s performance.